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About Us

Canabee intentionally focuses on cannabis businesses and their brands through thoughtfully drawing attention towards their unique identities, origin stories, and entrepreneurial flavors – not simply the individual products for sale. Key to the mission of the company is challenging misconceptions, breaking stereotypes, and not getting lost in terms of solely focusing on product and content while forgetting about the human element. 

In addition to this driver, the company is also centered around standing for social justice and equity, addressing the complex issues that have disparately impacted people of color and minorities. This dedication deeply influences and reinforces the pillars of Canabee culture and values. Equity being essential, what this looks like in the field may be, for example, leading by example in terms of the team, reinvesting in the community and empowering entrepreneurs and businesses looking for an ideal medium to share their stories.

Complementing these practices is a connection and partnership-driven sense of awareness. Collaborations are at the heart of Canabee – utilizing the platform to serve as a beacon of compelling information. Everything is tailored towards consumers that see responsible cannabis consumption as a facet to a healthy and balanced lifestyle and are interested in learning about the businesses that operate in this space.

Seeking out high quality, purpose-driven establishments forms a bridge across channels. For this reason, the future appears bright as Canabee seeks to serve the community as a launch pad – a helpful resource for dispensaries and beyond. Linking the curious with the innovative, the explorers with the new and exotic, there’s both a forum as well as a marketplace of unmatched potential out there.

In the end – it is all about stories, it is all about service, with the delivery of value as well as the decision to give a choice, a voice, and an opportunity to those who haven’t had the chance to sprout and grow…and this is when Canabee entwines itself.

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Our Mission


Our mission is two-fold:

Create transparency for cannabis consumers by informing their purchasing decisions and connecting them to great businesses. For those who are curious to learn more, we provide a fun and approachable way to do so, conscious of how overwhelming the process of exploration can be for anyone. 

Elevate businesses offering great products and connect them to customers through a dedicated platform for cannabis. This is achieved through illuminating and celebrating the amazing businesses and trailblazing entrepreneurs who help to plant, cultivate and grow within a pioneering ecosystem. 

Our Vision


To be the #1 business review site and source for cannabis producers and consumers. 

Thoughtfully focus and provide information on the businesses, their stories, and their brands. 

Serve as a beacon of information.





Our Values

Everything we do is driven by our values.

The values are part of our organizational DNA and have been so, since our inception. Not only do we believe in doing good business, but we believe we are good business.

Have Fun

At the end of the day, we believe in having fun, promoting, laughing and maintaining the spirit of adventure.

Pursue Excellence

Reliable, Honest, Consistent, and Dependable - the facets of excellence. We believe in delivering the best, period.

Do Service

To users and canabusinesses, but also to the industry, the communities, the social issues, and the environment.

Stay Positive

We are big on maintaining positive vibes. We know the power of positivity and what it means to our business.

Get Creative

Have an idea, good. Have ideas, great! Send them our way. We'll try stuff out and see what happens.

Be Social

We believe in leaning into social, both person and online. It's what makes our community great.

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