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Reasons To Advertise on Canabee

Hollistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to serving the industry and combating existing stereotypes and stigmas.

Strategic Partnerships

We create meaningful alliances that we leverage for the benefit of our users and community.

Cannabis Industry

We only serve the cannabis industry, therefore we are able to understand and to better serve its stakeholders.

Audience First

Advertise to people who are specifically interested in your products and who could serve as life-long customers.

Growing Number of Users

We boast an ever-growing user base that provides businesses with critical feedback about their products and services.

Spotlight Canabusiness

We spotlight dispensaries and businesses that are often overlooked on other review sites.

Advertising on Canabee

Connect with our member community to put your product and service in interested users

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2 - Promote

Promote your business to target customers who need your services or products.

3 - Convert

Turn your visitors into paying customers with exciting offers and services on your page.

Giving Back To Our Community

A portion of every transaction that takes place on our site is earmarked for addressing the important issues facing the industry.

Medical Research

Cannabis products are having a tremendous impact on US healthcare.


We want to invest in both US education and education around cannabis products.

Criminal Justice & Decriminalization

We will continue to fight for decriminalization and opening up this industry to everyone.

Entrepreneurship & New Business

We're here to reinvest in this community. We want to promote green business and give back to entrepreneurs.

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